Filming, Editing and Graphic

Sea-Watch 2021

Seabird – Overview of the devastating situation in the Central Mediterranean 2021

Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung 2021
Legal Agenda (newspaper) 2017-2020

Farming in
Besrri 2020

The afflicted In
Tripoli 2019

Cancer factories in
Koura 2019

The fake property in
Mina 2019

Arsal Mines

The Deadly electricity
Sbara camp 2018

Koura in the dragons mouth 2019

Death Areas 2018

Freelace 2015-2021

Goethe Institut Lebanon
Soccer Game 2018

sound workshop 2019

Goethe Institut Lebanon
Fan Tasmeen 2019

Digital Earth
Fellowship 2019

Helping against all odds 2016

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