LAND of DOOM (2018)
Director, Editor

The film depicts the last days of Eastern Aleppo’s siege and before its fall, when Milad, residing in Beirut, follows up with his friend Ghiath, the besieged civilian activist and photographer, on people’s situations and sufferings while waiting for their fate among the fighting parties.

Still Recording (2018)
Camera operator

Still Recording is a feature documentary that follows art students Saeed and Milad, who decide to leave Damascus and go to Douma, a suburb under rebel control. Over more than four years, the film depicts the two friends and their acquaintances as they go about their daily lives, capturing the transformation of the city of Douma and its people as they go through liberation, war, siege, and hunger. More than 500 hours of footage was shot, and the men face grave questions about life and death, revolution and armed struggle, dreams and doubts, fear and love, and the use of art in a world facing destruction

HIDE the PHONE (2016) Director , Editor

An experimental film, It addresses the tension that still haunt Syrians even outside Syria when they take photos on streets, especially if there is someone who wears military uniform, to tell the horror and anxiety story that haunted the Syrians wherever they went.

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